Convert your HTML5 project to a (Capacitor based) mobile app.

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Manage Credentials


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    Download the Template Project to get started quickly.

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    Future Features

    My TODO list:

    • [ ] Sharable download links.
    • [x] QRCode scanning for downloads.
    • [ ] Make all @capacitor and @capacitor-community plugins work.
    • [ ] Create certificates online.
    • [ ] Publish iOS app to apple connect.
    • [x] Easily get iPhone/iPad UDID.
    • [ ] Build and download from the CLI and CI/CD workflow.


    I hope I can provide this service for free for ever.

    I love HTML5 games and apps. I myself am also the author of enable3d and I love Phaser and three.js. Providing this service surely helps lots of developer bringing their HTML5 project to Android and iOS.

    Privacy & Security

    Besides providing a great service that "just works", privacy and security is most important to me. Absolutely NON private information are stored in the database. For the GitHub Login I only store a hash of your github id for identification.

    Everything you do or upload will be deleted after 48h. Only the build credentials you upload, will remain (aes-256 encrypted) in the database for 1 year, with only you having the decrypt secret.

    The whole app and infrastructure runs serverless with very strict and explicit access roles for each service.